Healed By Grace II - Ten Days of Grace


This sequel to the very successful Healed By Grace is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in 2017.


Cantankerous ol' Gauff's wild rodeo past has finally caught up with him! Daughter Brandy, whom he left behind at just 14 years old, hasn't spoken to Gauff in years. With loving husband Michael and daughter Jesse, she's moved on and enjoys the stability Gauff never provided. When Brandy's world is turned upside down by a threatening health scare, well-intentioned Michael arranges for Jesse to stay with "Grampa" while Brandy seeks treatment.

As a result, Gauff's quiet summer turns upside down when he finds himself looking after 14 year old Jesse - a granddaughter he learned about just days before! In this hilarious and heartwarming odd couple story of good intentions gone wrong, both Gauff and Brandy learn the power of love and rediscover the connection they've both longed to restore.

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